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Marvel Heroes launcher bring Eset Service at 99%

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I have Eset Smart Security 6.0.316.0 on an Windows 8 Pro 64bit.


Each time I start the launcher of Marvel Heroes, in a matter of 2-3 min, the Eset service goes to 99%. Even if I close the launcher, the service stays at 99%


And since I'm talking about game launcher, for reason unknown, it happen that the Star Wars old republic launcher fails to complete the update of the game client. I have to disable Eset Smart Security before updating the game.


Is there something I can do to prevent this?



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Guest Camil
I have the same problem with Marvel Heroes launcher.


Windows 8 Pro 64bit

Eset Smart Security 6.0.316.1


Marvel Heroes launcher uses BitRaider Client to download patches. It's some kind of peer2peer network and maybe that is the cause.

Unfortunately the launcher stays in background during game session, so turning protection off for 10 minutes doesn't help.

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  • Administrators

The issue will be fixed in the Internet protection module 1067 which will be released on pre-release update servers soon.

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