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Is this Legit: extension://nkapkmklnmidbbgjaipbgpcnbomnaakc/action/welcome.html

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I would like to make sure that my eSet update was legit and that eSet is functioning the way it's intended to.  Since the update, this is what I see and what has been happening: 

I updated eSet to 17.0.15 through a pop-up request.

On the address bar, the safe banking and browsing feature now has extension://nkapkmklnmidbbgjaipbgpcnbomnaakc/action/welcome.html

When I try to open a website, I get this:

ESet Browers Privacy & Security added to Microsoft Edge

Another program on your computer added an extension that may change the way Microsoft Edge works.

The extension can:

Read and change all your data on all websites

Change settings that control websites' access to features such as cookies, JavaScript, plug-ins, geolocation, microphone, and camera

Communicate with cooperating native applications

Is this all normal?  And out of curiosity, how can I find out more about what types of things eSet would change on a website?

Thank you so very much.

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It is a legitimate ESET Browser Privacy & Security extension. A part of it is the feature Secure Search which adds an icon next to search results indicating whether a particular site is bad (blacklisted) or safe.


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Guest BubbaBoop

Same concern here, Jim. That's a scarey sequence of characters for a change to Edge. It seems like as en garde as eset customers are, eset would at least include "eset.com" somewhere in the sequence so customers would at least have some idea that what's being foisted upon them is probably legit.

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