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"Website-Zertifikat widerrufen" (Revoke website certificate?)


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Hallo, we have sometimes a problem with Endpoint Security (80 User) and our Exchange Server.

Sometimes individual Windows computers get the message "Website-Zertifikat widerrufen" ("Website certificate revoked"? I don't know the exact name of the message in English) and then both autodiscover.our-domain1 and mail.our-domain2 are blocked. (There are actually two different second-level domains for historical reasons).
But only sometimes, for some longer or more often, for others usually not at all.
How can I categorise these two domains or subdomains as permanently secure, even if there may be certificate problems?

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Thank you in advance.
I forgot, this only seems to happen when these computers (presumably all running Windows home) are on a VPN or directly on the corporate network. It doesn't seem to happen with domain PCs.


40 minutes ago, Marcos said:

You could exclude the IP address in the Web access protection setup.

So only with the PCs directly in Eset Endpoint Security?

Only the external IP address or the internal or both (not that much extra work now)

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Further investigation would be needed so please raise a support ticket. It's possible that we'll need to get a list of certificates from time when a machine is connected to a VPN and when it's not.

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