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Secure banking and browsing

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With the new update I have found that some payment protection settings have been changed. One of the changes is that I have lost the option to use protected browsing on certain websites via redirects. Now I either have it always disabled, always enabled or I have to run the browser manually. Why? I don't understand the change. The convenience of having the list of mandatory websites is gone. I hope this is temporary.

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It has been noted multiple times in past forum postings by Eset moderator that B&PP redirection would be removed in future Eset versions. The more recent of these postings stated it would be removed in ver. 17 as noted below;


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8 minutes ago, Daamu32 said:

why was this change necessary?

From a developer's point of view, it was probably one of the worst features Eset implemented. It required constant maintenance of an internal whitelist of known banking and select financial web sites with constant forum postings for some web site not being included.

Bottom line is Eset wants you to always run in Secure all browser mode since it eliminates all the above. If you chose not to do so, B&PP standalone mode still exists accessible from Win desktop icon or within the Eset GUI.

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I get the point. However, I used the option of placing the websites manually as no governmental identity in my area was recognised and the banking ones went depending on which domain they did or did not go on. I think leaving that option would have been fine as the work was on the user and not on keeping a list of domains up to date.

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