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Teething pains when moving to ERA 6


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I just thought I list some gripes that I have with this ERA 6 upgrade process that hopefully can be address or at least noted:


1) I use Endpoint Antivirus, but when the agent gets deployed to all the computers in my network, it whines about Windows Firewall in security center being disabled. This is by design on my network as I disabled the Windows Firewall in group policy while connected to the domain network.

2) The process of certificates are not clear when it comes to deploying ERA Proxy Server. Can a PDF with instructions on how to get this up and running be made, as well as getting the clients pointed to it?

3) When it comes time to do software install push, there is no distinction in the production list of which is x86 and x64. I didn't figure this out until much later when I started filtering and looked at the EULA URL. Please indicate x86 or x64 in the product names for easier access?

4) What is the best way to ensure deployment of the ESET agent? 60% of our office is a mobile force and some may be out of the office for weeks on end. What is the best way to ensure that the agent gets deployed as soon as they return to the office?


So far, I'm liking the new look and navigation. I'll post more issues as they come up.

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  • ESET Staff

Hi Geosoft,

Thanks for taking the time to point out where you experienced difficulty during the migration process. Regarding questions 1 & 2, I will investigate this issue with Windows Firewall and Agent deployment. We are in the process of putting together better documentation of the deployment process that will address the process of Proxy Server installation. 

Regarding question 3, the reason that packages are not differentiated by bit-architecture is that the ESET Live Installer (used in the available installation packages) is able to detect the bit architecture on a given client and download the right version of your ESET product for that machine, so it is not necessary to select a bit-architecture for the installation package.

Regarding question 4, my suggestion is that you distribute the ERA Agent live installer file to clients, as depicted in our Knowledgebase article. This will allow your users to install the agent immediately when they return to the office.

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A very excellent response from CB, very professional and precise.

I had to write a post....

I hope it is helpful to the user, as it was for me. Great support !


Thank you to the OP as well, we appreciate your feedback and experience you shared so that we can fix bugs!

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Just to follow up with more teething problems:


1) I have ERA up and running with no plans to install a server antivirus product on this server. That being said, I do not know how to have the ERA server act as an update mirror for all the clients as the update files are no longer downloading. The only thing I can find on C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Server\EraServerApplicationData\Data\updates\updfiles are just upd.ver, lastupd.ver and all the http download directories for the updates. None of them containing the antivirus .dat files anymore. Is there a way to get this ti work?


2) I have been getting nothing but problems on testing upgrading clients from the 5.x series of Endpoint Antivirus to 6.x strictly using the ERA management. Out of the 3 tests I have performed so far, it simply doesn't work! Here is what happened on the 3 machines I've done so far


- When you use the Install Software, the agent log successfully shows an agent wake-up, operating system installing followed by operating system failed. When I goto the workstation in question, the egui and ekrn processes are closed, but none of the applications are uninstalled.

- If I go through the Control Panel to uninstall the applications, I can do so but I run into registry errors along the way and the application does not successfully uninstall. 

- Rebooting the computer shows that the application didn't cleanly uninstall app the way as the egui processes launches (without ekrn) and the gui is completely blank with exception of the green themed frame

- I have no choice but to use the clean manual uninstaller utility from the website

- After the machines are cleaned, 2 of the PC was able to install EAV 6.x again. One of them still fails for some reason installing a service. I'm currently trying to troubleshoot solve this one.


I suspect the reason why this is happening is either because HIPS is blocking the install and/or the current policy on the EAV has a password configuration and doesn't know how to get around it to uninstall and install the latest version. Is there a process I should follow to get computers to install EAV 6.x?


3) A minor problem (don't really care much but still a problem) is there is no telemetry data on the Remote Administrator Server dashboard page. There was 1 point on each graph at install, and it never updated. Now it's currently showing "No data in the report" for all graphs.

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I'm now getting a new problem with an installation that was once activated, is now asking me to activate again. 



--- Edited


I don't know what's going on here. The Protection Status shows it having a valid license, but when I go to update and press Update Now, it's telling me product is not activated. I can no longer get updates now.


--- Edited 2


Filed a ticket with support on this issue. Sounds like it's a bug that may have resolution soon.

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Just to provide an update, we were able to get Endpoint 6.x installed on the 3rd computer. As suspected, there was a piece of malware that was blocking the installation. Testing continues.

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