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Ekrn restarts

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yesterday 4.12. 12:30 my ESET Internet Security on PC started to behave strangely. Every few minutes both ESET services (ESET Firewall helper and ESET Service) unexpectedly stop and after few seconds start again. I can see that in Windows Event Manager ("Služba ESET Service byla nečekaně ukončena" - "Service ESET Service was stopped unexpectedly"). Problem application seems to be the file ekrn.exe, modul dbgcore.DLL.

If I have the ESET gui opened and hang somewhere in the menus, it reset itself back to "You are protected" screen. Any running scans stop, web browser security stops (I got the red border with the message "Něco se pokazilo. Restartujte tento zabezpečený prohlížeč pro zajištění úplné aktivace." - "Something went wrong. Restart this secured browser to maintain the full activation."). When I restart the browser, it holds up green border until the services go down again in a few minutes.

I tried restart PC, didn't helped.

I tried full uninstall and clear install of ESET Internet Security, didn't helped.

I tried to run the ESET in Windows safe mode, but ESET won't start at all.

I tried to upgrade ESET, web browser and windows to the latest versions, didn't helped.

I've checked Event Manager and browser history if the time of first occurence of the problem corresponds with any activity on the pc, but nothing looks suspicious.

I'm using ESET Internet Security for a few years now on this computer and never had this problem before.


Has anybody experienced the same problem? Any suggestions? Not sure if I got a virus on the pc, that is messing with the antivirus software or just some technical error.


Windows 10 CZ, Firefox

ESET version:



Petr Sykora


P.S. Sorry for the English translation of czech error messages - it is my best guess.

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  • Marcos changed the title to Ekrn restarts

Whatever you guys have done, it has made PCs unusable and not stable enough to get any logs.  Have you tested anything?
Outlook, Chrome, Snipping Tool, all hanging on my test kit, Off Button to Fix.  Luckily Auto Update has been disabled on my clients sites.

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Managed to keep the server system up long enough to update it (by making sure nothing reopened on boot up), it then needed the update to be triggered manually. A second PC (also affected) updated immediately on boot up.... They seem more stable now (10 minutes so far), fingerscrossed.  

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Hello, I'm testing it for few hours now and the problem didn't show up. It looks like your update solved it.

I love Cleaner module 1245.1 🙂 Good job!

Thank you very much!

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