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Let's Encrypt certificates for ESET Protect website

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Is it possible to use Let's Encrypt certificates for ESET Protect website? We're using ESET Protect VA if it matters. I just want to use it for website, not for anything else, with autorenewal of course.

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Let's Encrypt is actively being blocked. I can not update my cert. Even though there was only 1 connection attempt, ESET Server Security says it is a "Security vulnerability exploitation attempt EsetBlacklist.B". I even went in Windows Advanced Firewall and created a whitelist rule for the entire list of subnets used. No good, it is still being blocked. I do love the rest of ESET Security product because monitoring the log file there are a lot of hacking attempts being blocked. How do I whitelist Let's Encrypt? Even if it is temporary and I have to manually enable and disable it.

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And I was probably not clear with my first post. It is not the cert that is the problem, It is using the ache-challenge that is failing. Let's Encrypt uses multiple and varying IP address to verify the unique string. It is the multiple IP addresses from the acme-challenge that are network sockets that are being blocked.

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