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Major bug with Microsoft accounts and pin under Windows 11

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I recently performed a BIOS update that ended up clearing my TPM. This in turn invalidated my Windows 11 PIN, which is mandatory now. Normally this just requires re-login with Microsoft to reset, but Eset Smart Security was blocking the internet connection for this authentication, even in safe mode, so I could not log in. Win11 is also locked down now so that there is no alternative to use a password by default, and no way to change this. As of such I was no longer able to log in to my computer due to your software. In the end I had to mount the drive under linux and just delete the whole \program files\eset folder, which removed whatever was loading in safe mode and allowed me to log in, but it took me a couple of hours to work this out. Why are you blocking the internet in safe mode? This needs to be fixed as it has the potential to totally lock users out of their computers.



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Well that's lovely, but renaming the eset folder allowed me to proceed so something related to eset is preventing authentication with Microsoft. I had the same no network issue in safe mode, but deleting the eset folder allowed me to proceed with a normal login. I do have interactive firewall on, so I guess the Microsoft authentication service is being blocked. Probably easiest way is to whitelist it, at least until login has completed.

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It's also mentioned in the Eset manual uninstall instructions that it interacts with the networking and may need to be restored after uninstall:


"After using the ESET Uninstaller tool, you may be required to reinstall your network adapter drivers."

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No as safe mode required me to log in to my Microsoft account as well so I could not get in to it due to the blocked network access. Microsoft make it difficult to use local accounts any more so I only had the one Microsoft account set up.

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