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Can not install ESS

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I'm looking for a new security product as I don't like Bitdefender (Total Security) which I had.


After Uninstalling Bitdefender I decided to try ESS, unfortunately the installer is stuck when installing the drivers around 60%.

Network connection is lost at that point.

After a reboot ESS is installed but the Real-time AV scanner is not active.

Repairing or un-installation is not possible, the installer hangs after a while.

I uninstalled ESS with the removal tool under Windows Safe Mode.


As mentioned below I also run some other security software. MBAM was not active during installation of ESS, disabling HitmanPro Alert didn't make a difference.


OS: Windows 8.1 Pro x64 (fully updated)

Other Security programs: Malwarebytes (not real-time), HitmanPro, HitmanPro Alert 3.0.22 build 131 RC

I attached a Speccy log.


Hopefully we can find a solution, thanks in advance for all the help!


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try to remove all the other security programs, reboot the pc and try to install the ess trial again

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Unfortunately, as I expected, it did not make a difference. There is also no difference in between running the full setup or the live installer.

It still hangs at 59 or 60%.


After the ESS install tonight was stuck again I rebooted into Safe Mode and ran the ESET uninstaller, followed by a reboot.

Next test was to try and install ESET AV.

Because I think the installation fails when installing the firewall drivers, hence why my network connection fails during the stuck installation from ESS.


EAV installed without a hitch and is running nice  ^_^


Hopefully there is also some official support to find a solution for the trouble I have. Via Revo Uninstaller I made some install logs of the ESS install and I have the ESET uninstaller logs.

@ pavilion_alex: Thanks for your suggestion, if you have any other advice or suggestion I'm glad to hear it. Thanks  :)

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So you can install ESET NOD32 Antivirus, but not ESET Smart Security?


Can you please check at your current successfully installation of NOD32 if all components are working? (just look at the coloured circles in the settings of NOD32)


Then try again to install ESS...

If it does not work again can you say whether this files (and if so which files) exists in C:\Windows\System32\drivers?

  • epfw.sys
  • EpfwLWF.sys
  • epfwwfp.sys
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That is correct rugk. ESS installation was stuck at 59 or 60%, EAV installed in a breeze.

Right now EAV is running fine. After the failed installation of ESS, ESS did not have real-time scanning active. However I could manually activate it.


What came to my attention just yesterday was that my VPN connection to my work was not connecting anymore. I've spend some time fixing the WAN-miniports and now it's running again. Maybe the WAN-miniports were wrecked by the uninstall of Bitdefender, I'll never know for sure. Could this have had an impact on the install of ESS firewall component?

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