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Changing the region of the license for extending abroad?

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Dear sirs

I have a problem of impossibility to extend my license, or changing the region basing on my location.

Many years ago, before 2010 I was living in Russia, and purchased a license from the Russian distributor of ESET.

After invasion of Georgia, when it got obvious that a xxxxxxxxxx was being built there, I immigrated to  Japan In 2010; which appeared a right thing for a man with Ukrainian name later.

Meanwhile, I found that I still could renew/extend my license only through a Russian bank from the same distributor.


Now, Russia has invaded Ukraine, and ESET has completely withdrawn from Russian market. The problem is that ESET forgot to pull my license# out of that region.


May I kindly ask ESET to change my region of registration to Japan, or anything operational. Or provide me with a standard upgrade-discount voucher linked to a Japanese region?


Btw, may I still use English interface in Japan? (Japanese vendors often remove English from software by nationalism motifs)


//Writing you from the guest because my account is still linked to Russia, i.e. the requests go nowhere.

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I can only recommend contacting Canon Sol., the authorized distributor for Japan to purchase a new license. Alternatively you could purchase from ESET, LLC, however, in such case it will be ESET, LLC that you will need to contact for support assistance should you need it in the future.

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Technically it is not a problem buying the license in Japan.

But since I am a long time customer, I was hoping to get a regular discount on renewal I was getting before. That's why I am asking to change my region.

Is it possible?


And another question still open, is English available in Japanese bundle? I have very bad experience with TrendMicro software, who restrict the UI to Japanese only.

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I assume it's up to both resellers or distributors if they agree on transferring the license to the other one. As for whether there is a discount for renewals, I don't know. Please contact the ESET distributor or reseller with questions on pricing.

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