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how to force reinstall AGENT ?

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I have some clients (server and agents version 6) who need an AGENT reinstall.

They have the agent installed but that was done with a previous test server (which isn't operational anymore) so now these clients have the agent installed but don't come up in the new environment because of the certificates maybe ??


I would like to know how I can connect these clients to the new environment.

I tried a new software install via console and the .bat file but that doesn't work, a new installation isn't executed because the AGENT already exists.

How can I do this ?


The lack of support to reinstall via command line with all options makes this difficult, otherwise I would force a reinstall via patch management but this is not possible because I can't give all the necessary info in the parameters (or they are not know but I can't find it in the manual).


thanks, Verus.

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Verus, if you have endpoints that are not configured UP FRONT to access the ERA server, your only choice is to change the settings manually at the endpoint by RDP or walking to them.


If, however this is not an option, you have to redeploy the installation with a new configuration that has the correct ERA server IP or host embedded in the settings.

If they are all looking at another ERA, they will NEVER check in to your "new" ERA server without a new push installation, having new config set.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but logically that is how it works.

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I can understand that but the clients who have the agent already installed need an uninstall first.

I tried with a reinstall task but that doesn't work (nothing happens), however when I first uninstall the AGENT, then it works again with the install task so this is really annoying.

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