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WinZip 19 is just Potentially Unwanted Application?


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ESET Smart Security detects Winzip 19 installation file "a variant of Win32/InstallCore.TS potentially unwanted application" ESET did good job again for PUA detection.
Anyway I'm surprised that Winzip 19 didn't ask for PUA(potentially unwanted application) installation and just install SupTab under C:\Program Files(X86)\SupTab folder (SupTab.dll, SearchProtect32.dll, SearchProtect64.dll...etc) and WindowsMangerProtect.

I downloaded the installation file from the official WinZip website and WinZip looks like more than just PUA now.
I don't like to believe WinZip 19 is malware but Has anyone had same experience as I have?

WinZip file: hxxp://download.winzip.com/nkln/winzip19-home.exe
virustotal result:

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I got the same problem both with Winzip 16.5 and Winzip 19. Both are original versions downloaded from Winzip. I'm really interested why such a widely used application is not correctly filtered/excluded from eset av scanner. (Esest Smart Security 8.0.312.0)

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