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Missing policy | Status updates in console

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I am receiving a license expires soon status from ESET Inspect  from all computers in the organization a month ahead of time. 

This colors the entire board with Yellow-Warning  and makes it hard to filter out what's important and what's not. 
Can We remove that status like we an do for EEA/EES




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33 minutes ago, Marcos said:

You can disable sending of this application status to ESET PROTECT in an Endpoint policy:


I should have mentioned before,
This was my first go to, which I cleared, it doesn't work for ESET Inspect. (Also, Inspect on Mac/Linux) Seems the policy for Inspect doesn't include "Application Status" selection.

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Please raise a support ticket then. The application status is reported by Endpoint, the EI Connector does not verify the license.

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