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Howto make a policy with internal update via proxy and external directly ?

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ERA 6.1 and agent + antivirus 6 also.

Policy configured so that computers update the antivirus definitions via the HTTP proxy but how can I update directly when they are not in the office ?



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You could try a port forwarding effect, but i am unsure if it would work. Not mentioning how slow it could be...

It would be best that clients outside or not in the office, query ESET servers for definitions, and then back to locally when they return to the office.

The clients or endpoints can have 2 profiles for updates.

1 profile with local

1 profile for outside office hitting ESET servers. :)


They may just have to switch the profile when they leave or you can schedule a policy update on the days you know they are leaving.

If they leave the office sporadically, it will be up to them to change the profile.


Or you can put multiple servers in the update list.

For the first server, que locally, for the second que eset servers, and this might work for those outside the office with no management or user interaction needed.


Keep in mind if the endpoints or clients outside the office are queing ESET servers, the username and password must be entered into the client or into the policy.

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