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Eset linux security - web protection

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We have ERA on prem and deployed new linux version on our webservers.

Thing is, that "wapd" proccess is consuming CPU and eventually webserver stops working.

How can we disable WebAccess protection or unload it forever?
In policy I can`t see option at all...

On linux we just need ondemand scan and RTP and nothing else.

Also pages were loading really slow (those hosted on our webserver)....

It seems like half baked solution for now, had to go to older version.


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Yep, the web scan on the new 10.x antivirus has caused a lot of issues to plenty of users on plenty of distro.

Sadly we all ended up doing the same thing: rolling back to 9.x

Currently I'm on version which doesn't have the web scan and it works reliably. I'll only move to a newer version when the web scan will be either deactivable from the GUI or fixed and made more friendly.

One thing to note if you actually decide to stick with version 9.x, make sure to kernel-lock your OS so that it never upgrades past kernel 6.3.13 'cause newer kernels are incompatible.

Aside from that you can update everything else and in terms of support version 9.x will be supported 'till 2026, so we're good. I sincerely hope that ESET will improve things way sooner than that, though.

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