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[UK] #SafeChristmas - ECSP, EMS and ESET Multi-Device security 50% off


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No it doesn't - unless you have marked your device everytime as "stolen" :) .


BTW I have updated the first post, because now also ECS (so the pure antivirus for Mac OS) is 50% off.

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Sorry rugk, i cant agree with you this time buddy.


It DOES drain the battery, if you are between 0-15% and have it set to send gps when the battery is low.

I suggested an idea to turn this capability off or on via the web console, and i think it was implemented.

So be cautious if you use this feature., and your phone is consistently between 0-15, and you are trying to charge it back up, at the same time of having to use it to make calls or texts etc in this battery state.


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Yes if you select this setting, have GPS activated and your battery power is less than 15% then of course it drains the battery - but before you activate such a setting you should of course be aware of it.

And yes you can change this setting from my.eset.com, but AFAIK it is deactivated by default.


I was talking about a normal usage, but you're of course right - in this special case it drains the battery.

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