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What about optimization for Apple M1 (or even M2) chips?

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I recently installed ESET Cyber Security Pro (with active license) on my MacBook Pro with Apple M1 chip and 16 GB memory, 500 GB SSD) running OS Sonoma 14.0 (update recommended by ESET). 
However, I've noticed that the machine is noticeably slower since this installation and regularly displays the multicolored mill signifying that it's on standby!
This situation improves significantly when I disable real-time protection.
Examining the active tasks, I notice that the list of ESET processes indicates an "Intel" type and not an "Apple" type like all the other applications. I deduce that the code is therefore not optimized for Apple's M1 and M2 chips. 
What's really going on?
When will a properly optimized version be available? 
What configuration can improve the situation? 

Thank you.

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After a few days' use of ESET CyberSecurity v7 instead of the Pro version not yet available for M1/M2 chips, I have to say that this version is much more functional than version 6, but there are still some real delays when opening or closing files. For example, recording a commit in Git, which usually takes 1 second, can now take 4 or 5 seconds, which is still annoying but no longer a big problem. 
A small UX detail: I'm using the French interface and note that a series of configuration windows are poorly dimensioned, an example of which is appended. 
Looking forward to PRO V7 ... 

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