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High disk usage Eset service


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I am having problems with high disk usage on Eset Service, I work on a 200 ppl aprox. office and I have installed on more than 80 computers ESET Endpoint Antivirus 10.1.2050.0.

I detected high usage disk of the ESET Service when some coworkers told me about the computer freezeing or going slow and when I checked Admin Tasks I saw high disk usage on Eset Service, sometimes is higher, sometimes lower but always relays the computer a lot.

Is there anything I can do to low that usage of disk?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards.

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Please carry on as follows:

  1. When the issue occurs, enable advanced operating system logging under Tools -> Diagnostics -> Advanced logging in the advanced setup
  2. After 30-60s stop logging
  3. Collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive to a safe location (e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox,...) and drop me a personal message with a download link.
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