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Protection Setup Failed

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I am using the latest versions of ESFW and ESET PROTECT.

This is pretty much akin to


Having read that thread, I'm not sure what's going on. 

The system in question is a Windows 2012R2 server.  I had created a new task that would install ESET Server Security using the recently updated Offline License.   I've done this before countless of times so in theory, this shouldn't be the problem.

Once installed, after waiting a bit,  an alert is then associated to the server entry.  "Protection Setup Failed Error".

I went to the server in question and took a look at the log.

The only error I see is the following:


2023-10-13 04:54:57 Error: CEssConnectorModule [Thread 998]: HIPS: Start failed and response value is: 1B67

Then I went to the setup/advance setup and tried to "Deactivate the product" but there isn't an option there.  I tried it in the webconsole, but I get the notification:

Product deactivation done

- no licenses deactivated

At this point,  from the server's ESET UI, I *know* for a fact it is activated using the Offline License as it's shown in the Help screen.

I took a look at the status.html file and Everything is green.

Is there a specific Log that shows what's going on? 

I took a look also in the C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security directory and came across the Installer directory which contains "efsw_nt64.msi"...  Which seems very wrong as I would expect it to be "essw_nt64.msi"  since efsw is the "ESET File Security Server product."  (iirc). 

At this point, I'm stuck; but I'm planning to uninstall the  Server Security product, and install it via a direct download and then apply the offline license.  



I uninstalled the Server security and manually installed a it (from a file I downloaded from the site, esfw_nt64.msi).

I installed it and included my offline license.    The product's UI then told me Protection Setup Failed.

And in the webconsole, I tried deactivating the license and it gave me the same info "no licenses deactivated".

This leads me to believe something is wrong with the offline license.  (probably too much a stretch, but I feel that since my business license is for the "Endpoint AV + File Security",  I'm guessing "Server Security" is a different product and that I am not supposed to use it.  (Makes little sense since Server Security *is* File Security).   

Anyway, I regenerated the offline license and paid attention to select the Server Security option.  After uploading it to the webconsole, and activating the product, I still get this error.

At this point, I'm left with no option but to contact Tech Support; but I suspect this might be something to do with the offline license file.


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Just to Answer my own issue. 

The error message is very misleading.  It has nothing to do with protection but the problem with being able to update the system.   Since I had a local mirror (+update httpd server), I had the update server entries in the Agent and ESS setup set to a particular local url.  Unfortunately, I was confused with the paths for the update server entries.

I found the culprit and now the servers are green. 

That said, I do hope that ESET would change that to something more specific like "Cannot find updates" or something.  "Protection setup failed" makes me think of licensing/installation issues.  

Credit where credit is due, I sent a message to tech support and they promptly responded with queries of my setup and their final message gave me the hint to look at the update server entries.  'lo and behold, one of the entries was incorrect.




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