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Guest camila

It is just 9 days since I bought my first license. But I had a problem with my windows I didn´t know so I went to the tech supporter to reinstall my windows that meant to erase everything and do a backup. The eset I had installed was erased and now that I want to install it again I can't use it. I bought the one for 1 device and still I want to use in the same device I used it during the first 9 days I cannot, it says that I have already used my only device when it is the same. What can I do? It is not worth to have bought the entire year of eset when I cannot use it anymore. I want to get back my money or get it fixed.

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Did you try to activate Eset using your existing Eset license key?

I have had HDD crashes in the past resulting in Win 10 being installed from scratch on new HDD. Then Eset being installed. I never had an issue activating Eset again using my existing license key.

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