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Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection service running in background

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Hi everyone. 

First post so be gentle, I work in IT and am just coming to grips with managing ESET.

A lot of complaints lately about slow Windows devices, and so when I checked task manager, I notice while ESET is pretty hungry, the 'Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection' service is running as well (and consuming a fair few resources).

I was wondering if it even needs to be running at all, when the device has a paid and managed version of ESET.


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We recommend not to use Windows Defenders ATP together with ESET, otherwise it may have adverse effect on performance that you have observed in your environment. Your administrators could use the ESET XDR solution ESET Inspect to monitor the network for suspicious activities.

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The problem might be that Eset is not properly registered in Windows Security Center. To verify it is, refer to this posting: https://forum.eset.com/topic/38127-antimalware-service-executable-still-runs-after-nod32-install/?do=findComment&comment=172860. Eset Security and firewall should be shown as "On" and Microsoft Defender and Windows firewall shown as "Off."

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18 hours ago, Dan_Baird said:

Thanks a lot for the assist. Will try, then get back to you if it fixes.

Note that the Windows Security Center validation is to verify if Eset is properly registered within it. Proper Eset registration yields an "on" status for Eset Security and firewall with Microsoft Defender and Windows firewall showing an "off." status. Ensure you post the result of this verification.

Once this verification as to status is completed, we can proceed with other possible causes why the Microsoft Defender Engine process might be running.

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