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Deployment Across Multiple Workstations (ESET Endpoint Security)

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Hello, I am currently looking how to deploy ESET Endpoint Security across multiple workstations simultaneously. Thus far, I have only identified a method that involves activating the software on each machine individually. My objective is to automate the process of enabling Endpoint protection on all agents without the need for manual activation on a per-machine basis. Your guidance and support in achieving this goal would be greatly appreciated.


Tried this method did not work https://help.eset.com/elga/en-US/activate_esmc.html 2.jpg.3750832d95354e328dc127ad2497dfb0.jpg3.thumb.jpg.d72ef7dd8660a39eaff9dbe318665bd4.jpg



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Have you already deployed the management agent on all clients? Did you create an all-in-one installer with the appropriate license selected and sent it to clients via a software install task?


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I have recently implemented an agent deployment across all workstations within our organization. However, I am currently facing a challenge in enabling ESET Endpoint Security on all company workstations with agents already deployed. I have discovered  the only method available to me is a manually one-by-one to enable it and its very time consuming to enable 200+ workstations.

Why it so complicated with ESET products....

In my prior experiences, I have worked with Crowdstrike and Bitdefender, and I never encountered any difficulties with activation or deployment. The procedures involved with these solutions were notably more  user-friendly compared to ESET...

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I don't understand because:
1, You can create an all-in-one installer with a license included that will install and activate Endpoint
2, If Endpoint was installed without a license, you can send a Product activation task to all endpoints at once:


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