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msp - licence overuse


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One of my msp customers has a weird issue.

There is 1 seat in use and only one install made.

A while back they upgraded from win 10 to 11 that caused the seat to "double".

I found the "double" unit and dumped it from the list.

There is now one unit in use and only one unit that is showing up in the protect cloud.

The msp administrator panel however is still showing overuse despite all details only showing 1 unit...

I must be missing something here but how could it be possible to 'overuse' a license while all panels ( msp admin and protect cloud ) only show that one unit ?

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  • ESET Staff

Hello @shicomm, if this issue lasts more than 24 hours, it could be caused by desynchronization between licensing backend systems. Could you please send me more details to private message (i.e.: public license key)?

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