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Update EEA from a standalone local HTTP server on Linux

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Hi all,

I'm using ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Linux with a special configuration.
The computer which need to be updated is standalone and don't have access to Internet.
I take updates from a MirrorTool installed on a server connected to Internet.
The standalone computer run an Apache2 server on /var/www/html -> hxxp://localhost:80
The update files (*.nup and update.ver) are on the folder hxxp://localhost/

When I try to launch the update command

sudo /opt/eset/eea/bin/upd --update --server=hxxp://localhost:80

It's return Server not found.
When I execute

curl -XGET hxxp://localhost

the server answer the file list on the folder.

Is there an other config file to modify ?


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Is update.ver located in the root of the home folder on the web server? Anyways, please raise a support ticket to verify the path to the mirror files.

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I confirm that the update.ver is located at the root of the HTTP server.
The *.nup files are also on the same folder.


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