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Issue with ESET Endpoint Antivirus Version 10.1.2050.0 Update

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Hello ESET Community,

I wanted to share an issue I encountered yesterday while updating 20 test machines to ESET Endpoint Antivirus version 10.1.2050.0. Unfortunately, it seems that there was a hiccup during the update process, and I'd like to discuss the problem and seek assistance.

Issue Description:
After updating these 20 test machines to ESET Endpoint Antivirus version 10.1.2050.0, I observed that 5 of them ended up in an unusual situation. The problem is that although the endpoint antivirus was successfully updated, the application itself does not appear in either the Windows programs list or the ESET management  (on-prem ESET Protect)under Product and Licenses, as shown in the attached screenshot.

Affected Systems:
- Operating System: Windows 10 22H2
- ESET Endpoint Antivirus Version: 10.1.2050.0

Troubleshooting Steps Taken:
1. Checked for any errors or warnings in the Windows Event Viewer, but found no relevant entries. Checked the software-install.log and found lots of errors regarding not enough privilege, which should not be the case, since the update was rolled out via ESET protect. 

2. Attempted to manually uninstall ESET Endpoint Antivirus from one of the affected machines, but was not able to boot into safemode.(virtual desktop)

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue when updating to version 10.1.2050.0? Any insights, recommendations, or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

If you require any additional information or logs from the affected machines, please let me know, and I'll be happy to provide them to help diagnose and resolve this issue.

Thank you for your time and assistance.



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Were the machines restarted in order to apply the so-called uPCU update? Or you performed the upgrade by sending a software install task from ESET PROTECT?

What version is displayed in gui on those machines?


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Please raise a support ticket and provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector with a registry dump included. We'll also need to check if the Windows Installer registered the new version in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall correctly.

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