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License renewal date discrepancy?

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Since my ESET NOD32 AV activated with a 1U/3Y license bought online from Amazon was due to expire on 21st Sept. (I assume at midnight?), I bought a new 1U/3Y license from another seller on Amazon on 21st morning and waited for the 22nd. On 22nd Sept. ESET Home duly said that my previous license had expired, so I added the new license and activated my system. After successful activation I deleted the old expired license from ESET Home.

Why then is ESET Home displaying the Activation Date for the new license as 22nd Sept. 2023, but the Expiration Date as 21st Sept. 2026? I know it's just 1 day, but still, shouldn't the Expiration Date be 22nd Sept. 2026, or am I mistaken?

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A license becomes valid for 1-3 years as of the day of purchase. We strongly recommend purchasing from an authorized ESET partner or reseller, otherwise you might become a victim to scam and purchase a license that was sold to several other users.

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