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Rogue detection sensor isn't picking up any systems


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I'm having some issues with two specific systems that while having ESET Agents installed, they aren't connecting to the ESET PRotect server.   I used esetuninstaller to delete all ESET products from one of them and rebooted.  While I had a GPO policy to install the latest Agent, the agent isn't being installed.   Anyway, the main question is that in the past, all non-monitored systems would be listed in the Rogue Computer list.   So with the removal of both the AV and the agent from the problematic system,  shouldn't  it appear in the Rogue sensor's rogue computer systems list?




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  • Marcos changed the title to Rogue detection sensor isn't picking up any systems
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Please refer to https://help.eset.com/protect_install/10.1/en-US/arch_rd_sensor.html.

If there are multiple network segments, Rogue Detection Sensor must be installed separately on each network segment to produce a comprehensive list of all devices on the whole network.

You can check detectedMachines.log for a list of detected machines (https://help.eset.com/protect_admin/10.1/en-US/fs_using_rd_sensor.html?fs_using_rd_sensor.html).

The following prerequisites must be met in order to install the RD Sensor component on Windows:

  • WinPcap - use the latest WinPcap version (at least 4.1.0)
  • Network should be properly configured (appropriate ports open, incoming communication not being blocked by a firewall, etc.)
  • ESET PROTECT Server must be reachable
  • ESET Management Agent must be installed on the local computer to fully support all program features

If none of the above is an issue, please raise a support ticket for help with further troubleshooting.

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Hi Marcos,

The server doesn't have multiple NICs and there are items listed in the detecedMachines.log.   I'll ask tech support about it. 





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