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ESET License Administration

Andreas H.

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I like to test the new "Endpoint Antivirus 6" for our company. I'm just tried your "Convert legacy license credentials"-Tool to get a License Key. The Tool showed me after using a valid Key that works with my test system. But I didn't get the E-Mail with the "ESET License Administrator password" so I can not use the new management-tool. How long will it normally take to receive the mail? Who can me help with a look in your Registration-System?


Best regards


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Hello Andreas,
I have a way to correct the email address on the ELA so you can get the email. I will need the exact email addres tht you want to be the "License Owner". Also I see that you did get the U/P converted to a License Key so you should be able to install ERA 6 with out issue. This only requires the License Key at install. You can Private Message me with your email address you want on the account.


Please Note, at the time of this post, Version 6 of our Business products are available only in North America. The global launch should be sometime in early 2015.

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