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The mystery of the suddenly appearing Sucuri Firewall


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A "Sucuri" firewall I never installed suddenly appeared on several of my websites, blocking me from accessing them. You can see the Firewall notice at one of them, furrynation.com.

I had a long chat with my host GoDaddy tonight who said it might've been done by my developer without my knowledge. (I'm about to check with him next.) I'd attach a .docx of my GoDaddy chat, but evidently docx's aren't allowed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated (especially since ESET doesn't appear to offer users any sort of live representative support.

Thanx much,



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ESET does not offer website cleaning and monitoring services as of now and does not provide a web application firewall either. It is likely that your developer contacted Sucuri who installed the WAP if you have no knowledge about it and they don't install it without users' consent and paying for their services.

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This article might help in resolving the Issue: https://docs.sucuri.net/website-firewall/configuration/working-with-godaddy/ .

I also wonder if GoDaddy is being straightforward in their response and they set this up on their end. In any case, it appears you get WAP for free which is a major security improvement.

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