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egui.exe hogging 50% cpu and won't open

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Guest stephen

egui.exe is stuck hogging 50% of my cpu and i can't access the gui for eset.

I'm running smart security 6 on windows xp

I had this issue previously on smart security 5 and i was told by customer support when i sent files over that i had to completely uninstall it. restart then reinstall it (involves another restart) i wasn't able to just reinstall over it or upgrade.


If i try the repair option in add/remove programs it gets stuck looking for ei_4.msi (i think thats how it was spelled)


The only way for me to stop the egui process and get it back to normal is by restarting my pc.


If i hover over the eset icon in the task bar it says scanning in progress. all my scans are schedualed for 2am when i'm not using the computer.

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We'd need to get a complete application memory dump of egui.exe from the point it spikes up the cpu. On Windows XP, you can use Procdump (run procdump -ma egui.exe), on newer OS a dump can be created via the Task manager by right-clicking a process and selecting "Create dump file".


You can also try installing the latest v6 from scratch by running this Uninstall tool in safe mode or try v7 beta.

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same here. eset ss6 eats up 50% cpu on win7 64bit


Please carry on as advised above. With Windows 7, you can simply right-click egui.exe in the Task manager and select Create dump file.

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  • ESET Moderators



If you have not already done so, can you try turning on pre-release updates in your copy of ESET Smart Security, performing an update manually to download all the pre-release modules, and then letting us know if the problem still occurs?



Aryeh Goretsky

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