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Eset cannot be installed on modified Windows 11 (GhostSpectre Momentum 14)

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Hello and have a nice day,
I've been a happy Eset user for years, but I've also reached my limits with my IT skills. I just got back from my vacation and I'm trying to install ESET on a Modded Windows System (Ghost Specter Momentum 14, Latest Version, Clean Installed Today). However, the installation always fails with an error code: MSI 1923 or: If I uninstall all Eset data with the uninstaller in safe mode, with the error code: MSI 1920. Of course I have already searched the Eset forum for a solution to solve the problem. However, I can't find a solution.
So far I've tried everything:

-Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control created a new DWORD entry, after searching the forum, but was unsuccessful, so the entry was deleted again.
- In safe mode, ESET uninstalled, tried again to install in normal mode, didn't work either, the error message comes up: 1920 instead of 1923
- System is up to date.
- Checked for viruses with Eset OnlineScanner, well, a new system is installed clean just from GhostSpectre, I'm a big fan of it. It found an alleged virus and cleaned up a log datai from Ghost Specte. The cleanup didn't work either.

I do not know how to continue. I absolutely need Eset because there is no protection in this Windows version! I don't want to use Defender. I had Ghostspectre on it before, it ran without problems!

I hope for help!


SysInspector-WIN-J95C2KKPR63-230903-154900.zip Dateidetails.txt Systeminformation.txt Kritische Datein.txt Treiber.txt Eintreage registory.txt

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I assume that the tweaked version of Windows 11 doesn't come from Microsoft and therefore ESET cannot guarantee that it's supported and that ESET products will run on it alright. Maybe someone else who uses it could confirm or deny having the same issue.

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Searching the web, I couldn't find one reference to Eset being installed on this mod Win10/11 OS version. It does appear Kaspersky runs fine on it.

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I've tried it myself but didn't have any issues installing ESET:


Albeit the mod being not supported, you can provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector for a check if there was something obvious causing the install to fail.

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I'm having the same issue as of yesterday 9/17/2023. Fresh install of Ghost  08/15/2023 - UPDATE 14
- Update Moment 3 with MSI 1923

I installed it today using my installer on a factory windows 11 PC with no errors. It used to work on Update 13 and before if I'm not mistaken.

Very very weird issue.

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