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For the past month or two I had been having issues with syncing my password manager and an plug-in and I've identified the issue to be with the Firewall as a temporary block would allow the connection between the application and the browser (Firefox).

I've looked on the "troubleshooting wizard" and it does display the main application (.exe) to be blocked. I've also manually added an exclusion to firewall for that directory with no avail.

I have attempted to using the "unblock" button in the "troubleshooting wizard" but I just get an error. Is there a way in which I can provide unrestricted network access? It is in automatic mode.


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Please carry on as follows:

  1. Enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support
  2. Reproduce the issue
  3. Stop logging
  4. Collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here.


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I would like to just inform that I managed to resolve the issue. I noticed that some of the options regarding the firewall setting were missing, I performed a reinstall which has resolved all firewall issues.

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