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Revisit Phantom Scan That's Not Scanning

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Just starting a Macrium Image I noticed in the system tray the ESET - e - icon with Spinning green Scan bar.

Opened ESET Scan Module to Stop it and - Nothing is there - as in the past (sometimes). ONLY Sched'd Scan is 7 am on 4 days.......

I notice in Task Mgr that - ESET Proxy GUI - has a "choppy" Spinning Green Bar around an e Icon -

Anyone know WHAT this is about -  AND is THAT why I see the System Tray Phantom Scanning that doesn't exist?

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EDIT - I just found my February Posts about the same thing and we never got anywhere.

I'll just live with it and -- delete this Thread if you can.

Still running 3 hours later in Sys Tray - I clk'd in Task Mgr - End Task - for  the - ESET Proxy GUI - and it's still spinning as a Scan.

3 Hours. and NOTHING Shows in the Computer Scan Module.

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