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question regarding spam protection

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My only email client that I've been using is MS Outlook 2013.


Is it recommended to run Outlook 2013 with its built-in email junk filter enabled together with ESET Smart Security's (v8.0) spam protection activated? Will there be no incompatibility resulting in an even higher amount of spam coming into my mailbox?


I'd be grateful for a reliable answer.


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PS: All my mail accounts are IMAP accounts (mostly of Gmail).

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I wouldn't recommend disabling any of the protection modules, including email client plug-ins. ESET's plug-ins shouldn't clash with built-in junk filters.

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Yes AFAIK it can only get better when both spam filters are enabled.

Maybe in this case a mail is detected by ESET's spam filter and Outlooks spam filter too, but who cares? It will be just moved into the spam directory by the module which is "faster".


So just think of it as a "two-layer protection". :)

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