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Some problems with scanning and firewall

Guest denton23

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Guest denton23

Hey I really like ESS and just renewed my license for two years. However I do have some quirks which I think might be bugs (6.0.316.1):


1. In custom scan settings (deepcheck) I cannot set scan files bigger than 3GB (thus rendering scanning iso's or large archives broken)


2. I did a deep custom scan of bootsector,memory,C: and a game folder and only mem,bootsect and C: got scanned while the game folder wasn't scanned (i tried a standalone scan of said game directory after that and it took 0 seconds for 8k files ~18gb ->This cannot be true).


3. The personal firewall does not get all apps/traffic while using interactive mode (example: It does not recognize Neverwinter Nights traffic).


Hope you can shed some light into my problems.

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello Denton23,


1. it is a limit for single file .iso is an archive so even if it is larger than the limit smaller files inside can be scanned. The files in the archive do not impose any risk as far as they need to be extraced before use.


2. This can be true in case the files were already scanned with the same virus signature database and the results are cached.


3. Can you please give us some more examples, Neverwinter Nights is really old, unsupported by it's vendor and their official servers are already shut down.



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  • 4 months later...

Hey sorry for the long delay.

As for #3:

I am trying to play some Neverwinter Nights Premium Modules but I can't without deactivating the firewall. Contrary to the public opinion nwmaster.bioware.com (Biowares Masterserver for Neverwinter Nights 1) is still online, though not working as it used to be.

From my end it looks like the Firewall module does not recognize any traffic from nwmain.exe and thus is blocking it (I use the interactive mode). When I disable the Firewall I am able to play my Premium modules...

Meanwhile I added a rule to the Firewall so I can play


direction: both

action: allow


localport: any

remoteport: any


Not sure why the Firewall module is not seeing nwmain.exe traffic but the above rule does work (I needed to allow any port because it is up to day uncertain which ports are really needed)

hxxp://lynax.de/nwn/technik-tipps.html#info_multiplayer provides some info about Neverwinter Multiplayer but it is written in german.

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