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Firewall blocking MS Miracast screen casting. How to make rule allowing screen casting?

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Recently I have lost the ability to cast my desktop onto a MS Miracast dongle attached to an external wall mounted television. I use these external monitors to do case presentation and its very important as we are a healthcare facility to have an Antivirus software running and use ability to cast the screen for patients to see. Unfortunately the only way to get it to work was to disable the firewall within the AV software panel. Otherwise it will indefinitely tell me to try again later and not work.

Being adventurous I tried setting up firewall rules but not sure if I was setting the wrong ports or wrong inbound vs local ports or ip addresses and couldn't get it to work. Tried this first with Bitdefender which is installed on one of three of our machines but I have Eset Internet security running on the other two. Not sure if anyone has successfully figured this out because I am ready to uninstall all the AV softwares off of every machine at this point.

Thank you.



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Do you use the ESET firewall in automatic mode without any custom rules? Are there any recently blocked connections here?


If so, are you able to resolve and unblock them via the above troubleshooting wizard?

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I don't recall blocking anything but its possible I may have accidentally refused connections in the heat of the moment though can tell you it was a recent install of the software. Will try your suggestion later when in the office monday. Found this article as well while google searching: https://support.eset.com/en/kb8202-allow-wireless-connection-to-displays-or-projectors-in-eset-endpoint-products

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