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Unable to use my computer declared missing by mistake! How to do?

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Following an activation of the "Missing computer" alert in ESET Anti-theft, I found it. 

I declared "not missing" in ESET Anti-Theft.

But I have a problem : my computer remains in automatic connection on the ghost account. I don't know what to do to stop this situation!

I always receive screenshots and photos from the webcam, each time I connect to the computer. The data of my usual account is inaccessible, but here, I want to find them! How to do ESET? 

I'm desperate, and yet I'm a little used to computers. Who can help me? 

I tried to open a support ticket on this problem, but I can't find the EAV customer number. I can log in to my ESET account fine, though. So blocked.

Please, help me!

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After marking a device as not missing, the device will need to be connected to the Internet in order to receive the signal to change the missing status. If EPNS connection doesn't work properly (e.g. the communication is blocked by a firewall), it may take longer. Should it take too long, please raise a support ticket.

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