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Bug report (german)

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Ich habe es zum Testen installiert ... Danach kam ich praktisch nicht mehr ins Internet.

Mit viel glück hat es Firefox geschafft auf google.de zu kommen. Andere Internet Seiten .... vielleicht nach 10 versuchen.

Keine Ahnung was da schief läuft.



Windows XP 32 Bit mit nem Intel 2 Core, 2GB Ram und Geforce 7900GS

Firefox 21,0

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Hello swat

Take a closer look on this article, especially about protocol filtering. (if it is the new beta 7 that you are testing? Then is the advanced interface of the new beta and Ess version 6 the same, so you can still use this  knoledge base  article). Link: Slow or no Internet/network/printer connection: Solution checklist  Bye the way, it is best to keep your post in English: Then will you post reach out to a larger audience. Mainly because, we the members of this forum, come from many different corners of the world.


Regards, Janus =))

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I make it simply; i tried it; could not connect to the internet; I deleted it;

If a marketing department wants to do somthing; .... for me, it does not sounds so good.



google translation



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Hey Again Swat


Did you know, that even if you run a trial of Eset Smart Security or nod32, then you can still recive full suport from your local Vendor. The German vendor even have a remote support tool so they can solve issues remotely. Just wrote this, because if language is a barrier, then you still have this opportunity.

Here is the link to local support:hxxp://www.eset.com/de/support/overview/

Regards, Janus

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