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Firewall Settings Not Propagating

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I'm a noob with Remote Administrator and Endpoint Security, so I need a little bit of hand holding.


I have a URL and two ports that I need to open on a bunch of client computers.  They show up in the Remote Admin console, so I know they're connecting and talking as I can see their "last time connected" and they're all checking in every 10 minutes or so.


So this is what I'm trying to do:


I need to make sure that the following UNC path is not filtered:


\\OCT\Program Files (X86)\Borland\InterBase2007SP3\bin\ibserver.exe


I've tried that path and I've tried \\OCT\Program Files (X86)\Borland\InterBase2007SP3\bin\


I also stuck https://google.com to see if it doesn’t accept UNC paths.  

Nothing is populating on the client machines.  I must be missing something else.

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In Policy manager > Policy Tree > I have "Default Upper Server Policy"  Under that I have a policy called "Server Policy (mainserver)".  There are 12 clients attached to this policy.  I added the rules for the firewall to not worry about a certain UNC path.  But no, I'm not telling the admin to push out a new policy.  How do I do that?


Marcos, I set this up once before and the policies are on the workstations.  I don't recall having to push them out manually though.  That said, it has been a while.  :)

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Once you make a change in the "Server Policy" , the clients will absorb those changes as soon as they check in to ERA (default 10m). So its kind of like a reverse push lol, there is no gpupdate to run.

What is the unc path and what format did you use ?

Also where in the policy\settings did you place this rule or exclusion ? A rule ? An IDS exclusion ?


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I think I figured out what the problem is.  I was changing items under "Window Product line v3 and v4" when I should have been under "Windows Desktop v5."


I've made the appropriate changes there and will come back here and cry some more if this doesn't do what I think it ought.

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