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My Account is Hacked and Can't Get Support


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On Friday Dec 5th


Due to months of playing cat and mouse with a hacker, I finally resorted to a system recovery back to factory settings, since that was the only advice people could finally give in the end.


While prepairing for the recovery, I disconnected from the internet and started decrypting everything. As soon as I decrypted a password file, it triggered a Trojan somehow and first the PW file went and other files were getting deleted 1 by 1.


I reacted by starting the recovery with an F10 reboot before I was completely prepared.


Hacker did a job on me because that triggered my my iPhone, iPad, and Router all going out at the same time, and of course my laptop would be out of commission for hours. So this started a race to get to my accounts to reset passwords before the hacker could change the reset methods. Fortunately I had used a chain of forwarding email accounts to help prevent this which gave me the time to get back online and reset my passwords for all accounts I've tried so far except for my Eset account.


My ESET account was hacked and they must have changed my email because the PW restore won't work, although


I sent Eset support an email  at 2AM and they got back to me about 12 hours later only to tell me to use chat.


I tried chat but it wouldn't work seem to work with severa attempts. Also using the ticket number I got in the only email I received said it wasn't a valid number.


I tried to call support at 3:00 PM, Fri and they said the office was closed but the recording said they closed at 6PM (my time) on Friday.


I sent another email and tried to call sales by phone with the same recording. I tried every number I could find and all got the same recording, all before 3:30 PM.


I sent a couple more emals and still haven't heard from anyone 3 days later though it's now Sunday but it's still rare for a company to not have support on the weekends.


With about a dozen other various accounts (financial, email, shopping, social) that day, I had no issues  with restoring passwords or contacting support so the only company that didn't seem to have concerns for customer security was the security company which I'd say was ironic but that just doesn't seem to cover how I'd describe it.


Any suggestions?





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