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firewall is blocking everything

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hi, I recently did an update and now the firewall has started blocking the required processes







unblock button doesn't work

there it says no usable rules found. firewall running in automatic mode, no special configuration done

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@Marcos    almost everything is blocked. I can't even connect to the virtual machine on localhost. When I disable the firewall, the problem goes away.







antivirus even blocking its own connections?

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10 hours ago, Guest can said:

I can't even connect to the virtual machine on localhost.

Refer to this posting: https://forum.eset.com/topic/37260-issues-with-1012046-update/?do=findComment&comment=170107 for creating an outbound rule to allow all outbound network traffic for "Allow all traffic within the computer." Hopefully, that will resolve the VM network localhost connectivity issue.

As far as all the other network traffic being blocked, I suggest you remove all existing network connections that ver. 16.2 created. Upon exiting from that Eset GUI section, Eset network processing will create new network connection/s. Now test to determine full network connectivity has been resolved.

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Please carry on as follows:

  1. Enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support
  2. Reproduce the issue
  3. Stop logging
  4. Collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here (only the ESET staff can access attachments).

All inbound erkn as well as localhost communication is allowed by default v16.2 rules, however, it's blocked in the policy-based mode. Couldn't it be that you are using the firewall in the policy-based mode? The messages "No usable rule found" suggest so. Switching to automatic, interactive or learning mode should resolve the issue.

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