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ESET LiveGrid - firewall access

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I got a message on ESET that says : "The ESET liveGrid servers could not be reached" with a hyperlinked called "Allow access to ESET LiveGrid servers on firewall"

I'm a bit confused.  The firewall is maintained by Eset itself.  So why does it not allow this action by default?  On the other hand I got new internet today, so perhaps it is an issue on my router, but how do I check which one it is?  I tried looking on eset, but I can't find where what ports it allows where.

When I click the link, it forwards me to this page: [KB332] Ports and addresses required to use your ESET product with a third-party firewall.

In the page it tells me

  • Ensure the following ports are open for all IP addresses listed below: TCP 80, TCP 53535, UDP 53535
  • The IP addresses below have to be enabled for HTTP port 80
  • Users on ESET Endpoint version 7.x and earlier, access to your local DNS server is required for DNS queries on UDP/TCP port 53 
  • Users on ESET Endpoint version 8.0 and later, access to your local DNS server is required for DNS queries and must be able to resolve hostnames

and then there is a list of ip addresses below.

So a couple of things. 

  • How do I check on ESET if these ports are allowed through the firewall since it manages the firewall? Because if everything checks out here, then the problem lies with the router.
  • on my skyhub(router) I can do firewall rules for outbound and inbound services, are these ports and ip addresses listed in article for inbound, outbound or both?
  • Is the ip addresses listed in the article ipv4 or ipv6, because i have options to allow both?

It would really help if I could add a screenshot to the post, but I cant.  It just gives a url.  Don't know how to work that too.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

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If you don't use any proxy or hardware firewall (e.g. integrated in your router), it could be your ISP which is blocking the communication.

Please carry on as follows:

  1. Enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support
  2. Reboot the machine
  3. Wait until the error occurs
  4. Stop logging
  5. Collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here.
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