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Notifications Spam

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Hi Guys,


I am new to the forum here and not sure if this is in the correct place! please forgive me if it is not! I have ESET Smart Security 8 and all of a sudden I started getting notifications spam  - See below


Address has been blocked

URL address:


IP address:


The only thing I can think of which I have downloaded is a video game addon which is suppose to be from a OK website which i did a scan and passed. Besides that, All i have downloaded is chrome apps and that is it in the past few days. The spam only started happening a hour ago while I started to open multiple windows on chrome. 



I have ran a full security check -  nothing found

I have ran ESET online checker - nothing found

I have ran malwarebytes - nothing found


So now I am totally confused and this notification is spamming down on the right hand corner of my screen. Some light on the matter would be fantastic, thanks in advance. 




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Hi Marcos,

Thanks for the quick reply. Ok so how do I move forward from from this point as I am actually not trying to access the specified website, I have ran the scans listed above with no malware found so I don't know how to stop the notifications spam while using the Internet, I don't want to just disable the notification incase there is a infection? I also had a look to see what the computer was trying to access through the tcp address and couldn't see a matching name or ip address. Sorry for the wall of text using my phone and thanks again.


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Thanks for the reply, I have tried using IE & Firefox and there is not any issues with the notification spam. I can now assume that it was one of the extenstions apps which i downloaded that is causing the issue.


I have removed all the extensions and done a full reset on chrome, did a complete uninstall of Chrome, resintalled again and after a reboot everything seemed ok. I was able to open web pages with no issue. I installed an app called Adblock which i have had for years with no issues and the notifcation starts to spam again.



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