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Manage Multiple Licenses on one RA Server


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I'm a reseller of ESET AntiVirus.  In the past I've always installed the Remote Administrator on my client's servers and logged into each server one by one to manage user's emails and alerts.


However business is growing and it's taking too much time now to log into all of my clients.  I would like to setup one Remote Administrator server here in my office and have my client's local ESET linked to my RA instead of the RA on their server.  However when I try to add all of my client's license files to my RA, it only sees the largest one and doesn't add them all up.


Is there a way for me to setup a RA here in my office so I can monitor all of my clients from one screen?

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This should be possible with special license keys with license merging enabled. I'd suggest contacting ESET, LLC for more information. The good news is that a brand new generation of ERA and Endpoint with a new license managing system is going to be introduced shortly so stay tuned and check hxxp://www.eset.com/us/ on a regular basis :)

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