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Eset Smart Security anti-theft email

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I received an email from noreply@eset.com, I will paste it below, I want to know if this is real?



ESET Anti-Theft has recorded suspicious activity on your device ------PC. Someone has logged on the device using the Phantom Account. If you don't know the location of the device, sign in to your my.eset.com account at https://anti-theft.eset.com and confirm it as Missing. ESET Anti-Theft will start monitoring the activity on the device to help you find out its position.


I have never received an email like this in 5 years of using eset. Also I updated signature base and scanned syatem, also scanned with malware.


Thanks in advance

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Yes it is a legit message from ESET. You, another user on your computer, or an actual thief :o, logged into your phantom account which triggers this automated email. 


Just follow the steps in this email and it should resolve your issues.

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I have had no device missing , I am the only one who uses theis PC, I only log onto one accounty all the time. I received emails from Eset and I will follow their instructions to solve problem if there is one.

 I went to anti-theft.eset.com, the phantom account name that was created and used is not a windows account. It is an account log in name I use to log onto a particular site I visit.  Why would it show this as someone logged on to a phantom account?



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The phantom account is a windows user. However you can give it any name you want - so it can be that you gave it (accidentally) the name of the username you use to login to the site you talk about.

If someone logs into this account you will receive the email you copied into your first post here and ESS starts recording the activity on the device. Now you can login into myESET and confirm that the device is stolen (mark the device as stolen) or deny it (mark the device as "not stolen").

More information you can get in the Anti-theft help.


If you're device really isn't missing you can mark it as "not stolen".

Additionally I would suggest you to change the name of the phantom account to a realistic (Windows) user name, but of course you should not login to the windows account.

You can do this online in the settings of Anti-theft.

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