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ESET being blocked by Quad9 DNS

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I started using Quad9 DNS for extra protection ( and However, Quad9 is blocking ESET. When I went to double click eset.exe to install the product, it said I had no Internet connection. I had to jump on VPN to install ESET. Now, I can't even click the "check for updates" button within ESET. I get the error message you see below in the picture "Product update failed. Server not found."

I did a quick DNS test and changed my DNS to BOOM! ESET works again! 🤩 I can check for updates. I change DNS back to Quad9. ESET update fails. 

Does ESET know Quad9 is blocking them? This is kind of a big deal since Quad9 thinks ESET is a security risk or something.

Is my only option to either:

  1. Uninstall ESET
  2. Give up Quad9 DNS?




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