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Updated to ESET Smart Security 8.0.304.0 - Freezing, disabled firewall, more

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I updated ESET to 8.0.304.0 about 20 minutes ago after I got a pop-up saying an update is available. I agreed and ESET re-installed for a process of about 3 minutes.


After this, I went to check out the new features or whatever, but the first thing I see is the 'Buy now' and 'activate' buttons, even though  I have a valid license for months to come.


Second thing I notice is that none of the buttons are actually doing anything, and worse. (I used to be able to toggle menus in the interface, but now I can't even get the pop-up to show from the taskbar, let alone the interface itself.)        It gets worse... whenever I click on the ESET logo in taskbar now (Which is a ! danger sign because the firewall isn't working properly) and try to use windows explorer my PC immediately freezes and I get a spinning circle over my wallpaper, and a normal arrow pointer on the taskbar, although none of the icons are clickable.


What do I do now? This only started happening when I updated!

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