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ESET Smart Security Premium v16.2.11.0 Blocking Apple TV

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As per the title.  This is 100% repeatable: if I disable the Firewall I can stream content from my PC via Apple TV to my TV.  As soon as I enable the Firewall is stops.  This happened to me years ago and I was able to resolve it but nothing I find now relates top the current menu structure.  Any advice gratefully received.


It's back to using Interactive Mode until I get a resolution.

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Since the router's firewall must be modified for Apple TV, I assume the same inbound Eset firewall rules need to be created;


The Apple TV requires some ports to be open to be able to sync and activate with the Apple Servers. If the ports are not configured properly, you might receive errors.

Apple’s Home Sharing uses TCP port 3689 and UDP port 5353 to communicate with shared iTunes libraries.  Additionally port 123 (TCP/UDP) has to be open to set the time automatically.


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You can use the firewall troubleshooting wizard to allow the desired recently blocked communication:


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