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Have over a year left on license but want to upgrade


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So I have a year left on my AV license, if I want to upgrade to the full ESS, whats the way to do it? Without losing my time left.


Is ESS's firewall stable and not a performance killer? as now I decided I want an intelligent app based firewall.

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Hello, if you upgrade from av to ess you will lose the time remaining on your av, but have a full year starting when you upgrade for the ess.

I definitely recommend going with ess, their firewall is very intelligient.

If you dont want to lose your remaining time on av, you will need to wait.

However, if you contact customer care by phone they may be able to assist you with salvaging a little time remaining, although unsure of their methods and policies, they have great customer service.

By request only they may support you by upgrading ess at a renewal rate vs new license, but its discretionray by ESET and no gaurantee can be made. Have to call and have a 1 on 1 with ESET.

I hope you decide to upgrade.


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And about the firewall:

Yes it's very good and no performance killer at all.


And you said you want to use the interactive mode.

This is a very good mode for user knowing how to react to the messages.


BTW Also the HIPS interactive mode or (for less messages) the HIPS smart mode is very nice.

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