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help upgrading Eset to 5.2.22

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Is there a more thorough guide for upgrading Eset server than the one listed below?



I've done this before but I don't remember everything I did and the process has way more steps than are listed in that article so I have no idea what I'm needing to do. I downloaded the new server and console install files and I've located my license file but beyond that I don't really remember what to do. We're on version 5.1.38 currently.

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We, the ESET Knowledgebase responsible for the content in the article you noted, would hope that the instructions are accurate for an upgrade from a previous 5.x version to the latest. Perhaps your previous upgrade was from 4.x to 5.x and that could account for a longer procedure. 


We also have the following two user guides, but they aren't specific for your upgrade scenario. 



Someone else can probably offer more guidance for your specific situation, but after you complete the upgrade, we will definitely like to know how we could improve the instructions in SOLN2439, or make finding the correct information easier.

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